White with yellow eyes (w62)

dob 2013/05/20

2.5 kgs

A blood group (genetically Ab)

FIV/FeLV/CMS (N/N) negative tested

Normal hearing test (BAER: Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response)

HCM negative scanned (2017/01/10)


3 litters (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


Breeder: Sylwia Szymaniak, Poland (HappyMiau*PL cattery)

A big thank you to Sylwia for her confidence and professionalism.


My Polish doll is full of life, extremely sociable and charming, she purrs all the time!

Her physical apparence is of great quality: her nose, her stop, her eyes and her curly coat.

Her pedigree is a mix of European and American lines.





Red mackerel tabby & white (d23 09)

dob 2013/09/28

2.8 kgs

A blood group

FIV/FeLV/CMS (N/N) negative tested

HCM negative scanned (2017/01/10)


3 litters (2015, 2016, 2017

Single daughter of Fiona, she is our first Rexintense "product" who will stay with us as reproducer. A grumpy one, she's lively, playful and always wants to do everything such as the big girls. She loves to nest under our sweaters and jackets!

We love her eyes, ears, chin and muzzle. 

Her pedigree is entirely American.





White with green eyes (w64)

dob 2015/05/26

2.8 kgs

A blood group (genetically Aa or Ab)

FIV/FeLV/CMS (N/N) negative parents tested

Normal BAER

HCM negative scanned (2017/01/10)


1 litter (2016, 2017


The "mini" Nikita was born: a resemblance with both the physical and the character. We are very happy and proud to develop and extend the line of our Polish doll. Her father comes from famous American lines. Her evolution lived up to our expectations as she finished 1st cat of the Breeding Special in Paris in 2016!

Her frame, her coat, her wide head, her muzzle and her stop are of good quality.

Here is her pedigree.





Black tortie and white (f 09)

dob 2016/05/06

2.5 kgs

A blood group

FIV/FeLV/CMS (N/N) negative parents tested

HCM negative scanned (2017/01/10)





3rd generation at Rexintense, Matyt has the discreet character of her mother Itsi Bitsi and her grand mother Fiona. Like both of them, she likes sitting on our knees and speaking to ask something to us. Physically, she inheritated the familly's muzzle and profile. She has better body size and coat thank to father's line. We deeply hope she will famously represent the new Rexintense's generation.

Her size, her eyes, her big ears, her muzzle and her stop are promising.

Her pedigree is half-americain half-european.