28 & 29 October 2017

WW'17!!! Were are so happy and proud to be the breeder of the new FIFe World Champion (cat 3): REXINTENSE MANET. This so special title is rarely given to Devon Rex, and moreover to a French Devon Rex. Our joy is great, and we are so thankfull to Valérie her owner, to reach this step of competition in Netherlands, and of course, a big thank to our friend Catherine Curtil from Caramy Cattery, owner of Manet's stud and with who we work since the beginning. See more here

11 October 2017

Third litter at Rexintense ! Again only one single babyboy was born. See here.

23 May 2017

Second litter at Rexintense ! Only one single babyboy was born. See here.

29 & 30 April 2017

We were at the WCF show in San Remo (Italy) to obtain international titles for Lullaby and Matyt. Devon Rex were again at honor and our dolls were superstars! A good point for our lovely breed. Results here.

1 & 2 April 2017

We were at the Annual Breeding Special Devon Rex at the feline show in Paris. 23 Devon Rex were there! We are very proud taht Rexintense cattery finished at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th place. A great week end. Our girls results here.

18 & 19 March 2017

We were at St-Raphaël (France) LOOF show with our friend Catherine Curtil. Our 4 girls were very friendly. Results here.

19 February 2017

First birth of 2017 at Rexintense ! Itsi Bitsi gave born to 2 beautiful boys. See here.

10 January 2017

All 5 girls have been HCM scanned negative today by a cardiologist specialist veterinarian! Great new for the breeding!

01 June 2016

The third and last litter of the year is born at Rexintense! Mum Lullaby is proud to introduce her new babies.

21 May 2016

The second litter of the year is born at Rexintense! Nikita is an happy mum. 

6 May 2016

The first litter of the year is born at Rexintense! Mum Itsi Bitsi recovers slowly.

16 & 17 January 2016

For the first show in Paris, we had a great Devon Rex breeding Special with 31 Devon Rex cats! We are very happy because Nikita and Lullaby were superstars there! Let's see here.

3 & 4 October 2015

A new extra week end at LOOF & TICA Feline show at St Raphaël (France) with Nikita and for the first time her daughter Lullaby. She charmed the judges with her pixie look! See here.

2 august 2015

Itsi Bitsi had her first litter: 2 males and 2 females are born! see the page here.

12 june 2015

A great medical advance in the Devon Rex and Sphynx breeds: Marie Abitbol, a french veterinary genetician ate the French Veterinary School of Alfort, discovered the genetical mutation responsible for Spasticity (or Myasthenia: CMS like Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome) in these two breeds. There was no screening test to diagnose this rare genetical disease until today. A genetic test exists in several French, English and American laboratories. More info on the health page of the french Breed Club. We immediately decided to screen every our reproducers, and all are negative!

26 may 2015

We are very happy to announce that Nikita is mum. 3 girls are born, let's see there!

15 & 16 march 2014

Our lovely Nikita became IC at the Saint Raphaël TICA & LOOF show! We are so proud ! Let's see here.

20 june 2014

Nikita gave birth to 3 girls and 1 boy. Let's see current litter!

15 & 16 march 2014

Nikita has been fantastic at the TICA & LOOF show in St-Raphaël (France). She charmed the judges and obtained 2 amazing Best Of Best!! All results & pictures here.

28 january 2014

Happy New Year 2014 to all the Devon rex lovers! We will be at the feline show in St-Raphaël on 15 & 16 march, so do not hesitate to come and see us!

27 & 28 september 2013

Nikita was at her first show in St-Raphaël (France), results are here!

22 september 2013

My little babygirl Nikita is finally here, let's see her page !

06 february 2013

Happy new year 2013 to all Devon Rex lovers !

We currently looking for some new breeding cats to add to our cattery. Some more info later !

09 september 2012

All the kittens found their new loving home !

We are waiting for some new females, so there is no planned litter before 2013. 

24 april 2012

Kittens of Genièvre du Caramy are born today ! Let's go to kittens page !

17 march 2012

We created a Facebook page, let's visit it !

14 march 2012

Genièvre du Caramy is pregnant and due to the end of april, the ultrasound shows the heart beating !

12 march 2012

Our website is online ! We wish that it will give you some pleasure !